About Us

Crystallize is a startup, but we are no rookies. 

Our Background

The company is founded by the brothers Bård and Aleksander Farstad which has combined 40 years of experience in building and running an international software company. The journey started in 1999 when they started eZ ( and built it over the years to become an international software company with offices from Tokyo to New York.

As eZ itself is a company with a subscription based business model they have experienced first hand how complex it can be to manage. Many of the companies they have worked with are some of the biggest subscription run media companies in the world.

The typical situation in these companies is that the technical architecture is too complex, many complex software systems poorly integrated requiring too much custom development. The result is getting those numbers seems to be an endless chaise. 

Emerge Crystallize

This is the basis that Crystallize is founded on. We want to make it easy to get started with a subscription based business model, to digitize the sales process, enable experimentation and push button simple to get out reports - and we go one step further in providing predictions on future revenues.

The name Crystallize also reflects this. The dictionary definition: "Crystallize - make or become definite and clear."

We want to make commerce heroes by providing an API driven commerce platform for subscription driven businesses.

Our software uses the latest technology avaialble to deliver blistering fast, easy to use APIs. The result is unbeatable time to market for launching smashing e-commerce experiences.

Crystallize is run by CEO Bård Farstad (+47 99 73 72 05) and Chairman Aleksander Farstad (+47 99 73 76 09). 

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