Headless commerce
for subscription business clarity

Crystallize delivers headless commerce and subscription commerce. Drive online sales, understand the development of your subscription base, build custom e-commerce experiences, reduce churn and automate entitlement integrations.

Commerce & Entitlements

Centrallize your product information and define subscriptions to drive sales and renewals while gainining invaluable insight. Simplify integrations by automating the entitlement process.

Crystallize is ideal for:

  • Media subscriptions & commerce
  • Software subscriptions
  • Recurring goods subscriptions & commerce

Digitizing your business? This is how you gain clarity

Headless Commerce

Crystallize provides a simple API to receive orders as well as delivering product information on an API level. Ideal as a back-end for your custom integrated commerce experience.

Additionally with our built in commerce cloud you can get up and running with selling products within minutes.

Subscription Management

Managing a diverse subscription base is hard. We make it easy giving you full control over the growth as well as churn.

Manage subscription packaging, pricing and define integration points with webhooks to encourage experimentation and learning.

Product Information Management

Define complex products with unlimited variations and options. Allowing you to build a rich product catalogue with ease.

You can define subscription plans, pricing, inventory and product information - all in one place

Entitlement Management

The core of todays media or software busienss is to buy access to a service. Being able to manage the process of giving access to a service is key. Crystallize helps you automate this with our webhooks.

Customer Information

We keep a centrallized repository of all your customer information. Find who is new and who has stayed with your over time. You have simple visual historic overview of all customer interactions.

Order management

The core of Crystallize is to manage subscription based orders. Supporting virtual (software or digital access) or physical subscriptions (goods shipped to the customer). Including inventory and stock management.

Hyper Scalable

You need to grow. We scale with you. Crystallize uses the latest innovative approaches to help you scale your business.


Our cloud based commerce that comes included when you sign up has Klarna payment integration already integrated. Allowing you fast time to market.

Developer friendly

You need to integrated. Our APIs and Webhooks simplify integrations of CRM or ERP or when you need to give access to customers purchasing or renewing subscriptions.

Available plans


  • Customers 5.000
  • Orders 10.000
  • Products 100
  • Brands 1
  • Developer Support Included*
1000 EUR / month


  • Customers 25.000
  • Orders 50.000
  • Products 1.000
  • Brands 5
  • Developer Support Included*
2500 EUR / month


  • Customers 100.000
  • Orders 200.000
  • Products 2000
  • Brands 10
  • Developer Support Included*
6000 EUR / month


  • Customers Unlimited
  • Orders Unlimited
  • Products Unlimited
  • Brands Unlimited
  • Developer Support Included*
Speak with us

*As a Crystallize subscriber your developers will gain direct access to the engineering team at Crystallize via a private invite to our Slack channel. You will also get a one on one enablement session with one of our engineers.